Wrist joint, Formation, moment of the wrist joint

wrist joint

Wrist is the area in between the forearm and the hand. the structures of the wrist joint are made up of many different bones, which causes wide range of movements.

The wrist joint is a complex joint situated between the hand to the forearm, The following are the main articulating bones of the wrist joint are as follow.

The articulating bones of wrist joint are
• Lower end of radius
• Scaphoid
• Lunate
• Small part of triquetral
• Articulation disk of inferior radioulnar joint
(Ulna do not take part in the wrist joint because covered by the articular disk)
Above bones participate in complex wrist joint; allow variable mobility of the hand. And the moment of the wrist joint are
• flexion
• extension
• abduction
• adduction
• circumduction

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