Type of joints, Structural Classes of Joints

Type of joints in human body

The types of joints in the human body can be classified according to the structure or the function. on the basis of structure joints thair is Classes of Joints
Structural Classes of Joints
1.Fixed or fibrous (synchondrosis)
2.Cartilaginous (amphiorthosis)
3.Freely movable joint (diorthosis synovial joint)

1).Fixed or fibrous (synchondrosis)

  • Stricrure
  • Gomphosis
  • Syndesmosis

2).Cartilaginous (amphiorthosis)

  • Primari cartilaginous also known as symphysis
  • Secondry cartilaginous joint

3).Freely movable joint (diorthosis synovial joint)

  • Bole and socket joint
  • Hinge joint also known as gangelmus
  • Plane synovial joint
  • Condiloid joint
  • Fibro or rotating joint
  • Saddle or seller joint

Author: Dr. vivek saini

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