All Medical Abbreviations.

Medical Abbreviations

we have collect the List of all Common Medical Abbreviations.if you are belong to the The healthcare field or you have seen doctor note, letters or prescription. then you have often seen the many Abbreviations in these thing, which uses by the Health care professionals often quickly scribble notes with important medical information, this is the List of all Common Medical Abbreviations


Ab– Antibiotic

Ab– Antibody

Abd– abdomen

Ac- before eating

ADR- acute dystonic reaction

AED– anti epileptic drug

AF- Arterial fibrillation

Amb- Ambulate

Ap- Anteroposterior

ARF- Acute renal failure

AS- Aortic stenosis

ASD- Arterial septal defect

AOB- alcohol on birth

Amp- Ampoule

AP- Action potential


BE– Barium enema

BHP– Benign hypertrophy of prostate

BID– Twice a day

BM– Boone marrow

BMR– basal metabolic rate

BMP– Beat per minutes

BPH– Benign prostatic hypertrophy

BSA– Body surface area


CA– cancer

CAD– coronary artery disease

Cap– capsule

CBG– capillary blood gas

CC– chief complaint

CF– cystic fibrosis

Ch– child dose

CHF– congestive heart failure

CI- Cardiac index

CO– cardiac output

C/O– Complaining of

COlD– chronic obstructive lung disease

COPD– chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

CP– chest pain

CR– Continuous release

CRF– Chronic renal failure

CT– computerize tomography

CVA– Costo vertebral angle

CVP– Central Venus pressure

CXR– chats x-ray


DAT– Diet as tolerated

DC– Discharge

DDx– Differential diagnosis

DI– diabetes insipidus

DIP– Distal interphalangeal joint

DJD– degenerative joint disease

DKA– diabetic ketoacidosis

DM– Diabetes mellitus

DS– Double strength

DTPA– Diethylene triamine pentaacetic acid

DVT- Deep venous thrombosis

Dx– Diagnosis


EAA– Essential amino acids

EC– Enteric coated

ECG– Electrocardiogram

ECT– Electroconvulsive therapy

EFAD– Essential fatty acid deficiency

EMG– Electromyogram

ER– Extended release

ERP– Effective refractory period

ET– Endotracheal

ETT– Endotracheal tube

EUA– Examination under anesthesia

Ext– extract


FBS– Fasting blood sugar

FEV– Forced expiratory volume

FFP– Fresh frozen plasma

FVC– forced vital capacity


G– Gram

GERD– gastro esophageal reflex disease

GFR– Glomerular filtration rate

Gi– Gastrointestinal

GITS– gastrointestinal therapeutic syste

GTT– Glucose tolerance test

GU– genitourinary

GXT– graded exercise tolerance



HBP– high blood pressure

HDL– high density lipoprotein

Hgb– hemoglobin

HO– history of

Hr– heart rate

HS– at bedtime

HSM– hepatosplinomegaly

HTN– hypertension

Hx– history


ICS– intercostal space

ICU– intensive care unit

Id- intradermal

Id– infectious disease

IG– immunoglobin

IM– intramuscular

Inj– injection

IT– interthecal

IU– international unit

IV– intravenous

IVP– intravenous Pyelogram


Kg– kilogram

KUB– KUB Kidneys, ureters, bladder x-rays


L– litre

LAE– Left atrial enlargement

LAHB– Left anterior hemiblock

LAP– Leukocyte alkaline phosphatase

LBBB– Left bundle branch block

LDH– Lactate dehydrogenase

LE– Lupus erythematosus

LES– Lower esophageal sphincter

Liq– Liquid

LLL– Left lower lobe

LMP– Last menstrual period

LOC– Loss of consciousness

LP– Lumbar puncture

LVEDP– Left ventricular end diastolic pressure

LVH– Left ventricular hypertrophy


m- meter

MAP- mean arterial pressure

MAST- medical antishock trousers

max– maximum

MBT– Maternal blood type

MCH– Mean cell hemoglobin

MCHC– Mean cell hemoglobin concentration

MCV– mean cell volume

MEq– millequivalent

Mg– milligram

Min– minute

ML– milliliter

ML– Myocardial infarction

MLE– midline episiotomy

Mmol– millimole

MRI– Magnetic resonance imaging

MS- mitral stenosis

MVI– Multivitamin injection

MU– mega (million) unit

MW– Microgram


NCV– Nerve conduction velocity

NF– Nasopharyngeal

Ng– Nanogram

NG– Nasogastric

NSAID– non-steroidal anti- inflammatory drugs

NT– Nasotracheal


OB– Obstetrics

OCG– Oral cholecystogram

OD– Once daily

Oint– Ointment

OM- Otitis media

OOB– Out of bed

OOP– Out of plaste

OPV– Oral polio vaccine


PA– Posteroanterior

PAC– Premature atrial contraction

PC– After eating

PFT– Pulmonary function tests

Pg– Picogram

PI– Pulmonic insufficiency disease

PKU– Phenylketonuria

PND– Paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea

PO– by mouth

Pot– potassium

PR– by rectum

PRN– as needed

PS– Pulmonic stenosis

PUD– Peptic ulcer disease

PVC– Premature ventricular contraction

PVD– Peripheral vascular disease


QD– Every day

QH– Every hour

QID– Four times a days

QT– Total cardiac output


RA– Rheumatoid arthritis

RBBB– Right bundle branch

RBP– Retinol binding protein

RDA– Recommended daily allowance

RIA– Radioimmunoassay

RIH– Right inguinal hernia

RML– Right middle lobe

RNA– Ribonucleic acid

R/O– Rule out

ROM– Range of motion

ROS– Review of systems

RPG– Retrograde pyelogram

RRR– Regular rate and rhythm

RT– Respiratory or radiation therapy

RTA– Renal tubular acidosis

RTC– Return to clinic

RU– Resin uptake

RUG– Retrograde urethogram

RUL– Right upper lobe

RUQ– Right upper quadrant

RV– Residual volume

RVH– Right ventricular hyperthrophy

Rx– Treatment


SA– Sinoatrial

SAA– Synthetic amino acid

SBE– Subacute bacterial endocarditis

SBFT– Small bowel follow through

SBS– Short bowel syndrome

SC– subcutaneous

SCr– Serum creatinine

SEM– Systolic ejection murmur

SGA– Small for gestational age

SGGT-Serum gamma- glutamyl transpeptidase

SGOT– Serum glutamic- oxaloacetic transaminase

SGPT– Serum glutamic- pyruvic transaminase

SIADH– Syndrome of inappropriate antidiuretic hormone

Sig– Write on label

SIMV– Synchronous intermittent mandatory ventilation

SL– Sublingual

SLE– Systemic lupus erythematous

SMO– Slips made out

SOAP– Subjective, Objective, Assessment, Plan

SOB– Shortness of breath

Sod– Sodium

SQ– Subcutaneous

Sr– Sustained release

STAT– Immediately

Susp– Suspension

SVD– Spontaneous vaginal delivery

Sx– Symptoms

Syr– Syrup


TAH– Total abdominal hysterectomy

TB– Tuberculosis

TBG– Total binding globulin

Td– Tetanus-diphtheria toxoid

TIA– Transient ischemic attack

TIBC– Total iron binding capacity

Tid– Three times a day

TIG– Tetanus immune globulin

TKO– To keep open

TLC– Total lung capacity

TMJ– Temporo mandibular joint

TNTC– Too numerous to count

TO– Telephone order

TOPV– Trivalent  oral polio vaccine

TPN– Total parenteral nutrition

TSH– Thyroid stimulating hormone

TT– Thrombin time

TTP– Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura

TU– Tuberculin units

TUR– Transurethral resection

TURBT– TUR bladder  tumors

TURP– Transurethral  resection of prostate

TV– Tidal volume

TVH– Total vaginal hysterectomy

Tw– Twice a week

Tx– transplant

Tx– treatment

Tab– tablet

TCID50 – tissue culture infective dose 50%

TDS– three times a days

THFA– Tetrahydrofolicacid

TTS– Transdermal therapeutic system


U– Unit

UA– Urinalysis

UAC– Umbilical artery catheter

UAO– Upper airway obstruction

UBD– Universal blood donor

UC– Ulcerative colitis  | umbilical cord

UFH– Unfractionated heparin

UGI– Upper gastrointestinal

URI– Upper respiratory infection

URQ– Upper right quadrant

US– Ultrasound

UTI– Urinary tract infection

UUN– Urinary urea nitrogen

UV– ultra violet


VAD– venous access device

VC– vital capacity

VCT– Venous clotting time

VCUG– voiding cysourethrogram

VDRL– Venereal Disease Research Laboratory

VMA– Vanillymadelic acid

VO– Verbal or voice order

V/Q– Ventilation – perfusion

VRE– Vancomycin-resistant enterococcus

VSS– Vital signs stable

VT– Ventricular tachycardia

VV– Varicose veins

VW– Vessel wall

VWD– Von Willebrand’s disease

VZV– Vricella zoster virus


WB– Whole blood

WBC– White blood cell or count

WBR– Whole body radiation

WD– Well developed

WF– White female

WIA– Wounded in action

WID– Widow, widower

WM– White male

WN– Well nourished

WNL– Within normal limits

WOP– Without pain

WPW– Wolff Parkinson White

WT- Wilms Tumor

WTD– wet to dry

W/U– workup


XM– Cross match

XMM– Xero mammography

XRT– X-ray therapy

XS– Xcessive

XULN– Times upper limit of normal


YF– Yellow fever

YLC– Youngest living child

YOB– Year of birth

Yr– Year

Ytd– Year to date


ZDV– Zidovudine

ZE– Zollinger Ellison

Z-ESR– Zeta erythrocyte sedimentation rate

ZSB– Zero stools since birth

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