Intercostal space, Muscles , Vessels of intercostal space

Intercostal space

Surrounding of the both lungs we have a rib cage and in between any two ribs we have a anatomical space known as The intercostal space, each side of the chest wall there are 11 intercostal space which formed in between 12 ribs of the chest. In between the ribs (or in intercostal space) we have a connection by the muscle, which is known as intercostal muscle. Each intercostal space contains 3 intercostal muscles, two intercostal vessels. This is as follow:

Muscles of intercostal space are

  • External intercostal
  • Internal intercostal
  • Transvers intercostal

Vessels of intercostal space are

  • Posterior intercostal vessel
  • Posterior intercostal nerve

Author: Dr. vivek saini

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