Hot air oven, Dry heat to sterilization,definition

Hot air oven

 In this part of videos we will discuss about Hot air oven. It Is one of the most widely used for sterilization, Hot air ovens use dry heat for Sterilization, For sterilization, 160°C temperature is maintained for two hour,
holding that temperature for the proper time period. Hot air oven Is electrical devices which usually heated by electricity, hot air oven Sterilization smaller similar to autoclaves. according to feature a variety of chamber sizes and temperature capabilities there is many variable size and shape are available, There is a space in between these walls , in this space put articles which you want to Sterilize

think for remembering- don’t open the window of oven, before the temperature of oven do not come at the room temperature. if you open the window at high temperature then glass   instrument can be crack, After the 2 hours door can be open

Author: Dr. vivek saini

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