what is Glaucoma ?


Glaucoma is the eye diseases in which optic nerve is damaged, this leading to irreversible loss of vision, in most cases the increased intraocular pressure builds up in the front part of your eye cause to the damage the optic nerve.

Glaucoma is result of high fluid pressure build up inside your eye, when the fluid in the front part of the eye doesn’t drain. The eye produces fluid which called aqueous hummer which is secreted by cillarey body in to the posterior chamber, it’s a space between the iris and the lance of the eye and then flow throw the people in to the anterior chamber between the iris and the cornea. From anterior chamber it’s drain throw triculer meshwork, which located in the base of the iris. in the healthy eye the rate of secretion is balances by the rate of drainage, in the glaucoma patient the drainage canal is partial or completely block. result to fluid builds up inside your eye and this increases pressure press the lance back. it’s presses on the vitreous body which compresses and dilate the blood vessels and nerve fibers, these damage nerve fiber lead to patches of the vision loos or total blind ness. this is untreated and irreversible loss of vision

there is two Maine type of Glaucoma

open angle Glaucoma

angle closer glaucoma


Author: Dr. vivek saini

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