Freely movable joint, Structural Classes of Freely movable joint

Freely movable joint

Freely movable joint are Synovial Joints with a high degree of mobility and flexibility, also includes a synovial cavity containing fluid to lubricate the joint secreted by the synovial membrane, in Freely movable joint Bones forming the joint surrounded by an articular capsule.

There are six types of freely movable joints

  1. Bole and socket joint
  2. Hinge joint also known as gangelmus
  3. Plane synovial joint
  4. Condiloid joint
  5. Fibro or rotating joint
  6. Saddle or seller joint

Bole and socket joint

  • Shoulder joint
  • Hip joint

Hinge joint also known as gangelmus

  • Movement only in one direction
  • Elbow joint
  • Inter flangial joint
  • Ankle joint

Plane synovial joint

  • Inter calpal joint
  • Inter tarsal joint

Condiloid joint

  • Wrist joint
  • Kneejoint
  • Tempromendibular joint
  • Atlento oxipital joint (yes or no movement)

Fibro or rotating joint

  • Superior and inferior rediulner joint

Saddle or seller joint

  • Carpometacarpal joint
  • Stenoclevicular joint

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