What is Angel closer Glaucoma ?

angel closer Glaucoma

angel closer Glaucoma or acute Glaucoma is caused by a rapid or sudden incomplete the blockage of the aqueous homer drainage, this lead to sudden increase in intraocular pressure (IOP) and damage to the optic nerve and characteristic may quickly result to total vision loss .

in angel closer Glaucoma we see sudden anatomically fetcher of the eye  such as narrow drainage angle, sallow anterior chamber thin and rubbing iris make eyes  to develop acute glaucoma. Typically this happen the pupil is dilated and lens is stuck in the back of the iris, this prevents the aqueous homer from flow throw the pupil in to the anterior chamber. Accumulation of the fluid in the posterior chamber presses on the iris causing it’s to bulge outword and block the drainage angel completely. Acute angel closer glaucoma is a medical emergency and requires medical attended.

Author: Dr. vivek saini

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